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Power of mental formations of thought– The Mother

When you have a thought, a well-made mental formation which goes out of you, it becomes an independent entity and continues on its way and it does that for which it was made. It continues to act independently of you. … Continue reading

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On Thought

We see that thought, which is a dynamism in the highest sense of the word, acts in its own realm as a formative power in order to build a body for itself. It acts like a magnet on iron filings. … Continue reading

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In the folds of the Silence – Sri Aurobindo

There is a background for everything. Every movement moves upon something. And that something is a Silence which upholds everything. It is not only a general background but it is there supporting and containing every individual movement. Conceive mentally, at … Continue reading

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On Pranayama – Mother shares her experience with a disciple.

Do you object to my doing some pranayama [[Pranayama: breathing exercises. ]] before I begin working? I think it would do you good, mon petit. I began three days ago, but I keep getting entangled with the traditional formation around … Continue reading

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The True Meditation — Mother

Do not fall into the very common error of believing that you must sit in an absolutely quiet corner where nobody passes by, where you are in a classical position and altogether immobile, in order to be able to meditate—it … Continue reading

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When you have a problem to solve – Mother

From the point of view of individual development and for those who are still at the beginning of the path, to know how to remain silent before what one does not understand is one of the things which would help … Continue reading

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Meditation for perceiving the deep Truth – The Mother

In order to be genuine, to serve its full purpose, meditation must be disinterested, impersonal in the integral sense of the word. Here is a description, taken from an old Hindu text, of a typal meditation: “The great and magnificent … Continue reading

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The one rule of Meditation

Sitting calm and quiet remember the Mother and open yourself to her. This is the rule of meditation. Sri Aurobindo

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The most useful idea to spread and the best example to set. – The Mother

What is the most useful idea to spread and what is the best example to set? The question can be considered in two ways, a very general one applicable to the whole earth, and another specific one which concerns our … Continue reading

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How are thoughts created? The Mother answers.

How can our thoughts be created by the forces of the universal mind ?      Because the forces of the universal mind enter into our head; we are in a bath of forces and we are not aware of it … Continue reading

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On Speech, Part III – The Mother

It is true that the guru himself is subject to the same rule of silence with regard to what concerns him personally. In Nature everything is in movement; thus, whatever does not move forward is bound to fall back. The … Continue reading

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On Speech, Part II – The Mother

There are also all the words that are uttered to express ideas, opinions, the results of reflection or study. Here we are in an intellectual domain and we might think that in this domain men are more reasonable, more self-controlled, … Continue reading

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On Speech – The Mother

In the physical domain, we have all the words that are spoken for material reasons. They are by far the most numerous and most probably also the most useful in ordinary life. A constant babble of words seems to be … Continue reading

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Developing the faculty of Intuition – Mother

Mother, how can the faculty of intuition be developed? There are different kinds of intuition, and we carry these capacities within us. They are always active to some extent but we don’t notice them because we don’t pay enough attention … Continue reading

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What is the Supermind – An intuitive understanding.

Though the supermind is suprarational to our intelligence and its workings occult to our apprehension, it is nothing irrationally mystic, but rather its existence and emergence is a logical necessity of the nature of existence, always provided we grant that … Continue reading

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