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Know yourself, conquer yourself, master yourself – Mother

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New Year’s Message 2019

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Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi – December 5

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The Sublime Charity

Yes, there is a sublime charity, one which rises from a happy heart, from a serene soul. One who has won inner peace is a herald of deliverance wherever he goes, a bearer of hope and joy. Is not this … Continue reading

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Power of mental formations of thought– The Mother

When you have a thought, a well-made mental formation which goes out of you, it becomes an independent entity and continues on its way and it does that for which it was made. It continues to act independently of you. … Continue reading

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The significance of one’s birthday – Mother

The importance of the birthday according to the Mother. Yes, it is truly a special day in one’s life. It is one of the days in the year when the Supreme descends into us — or when we are face … Continue reading

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Aug 15, 2018 Sri Aurobindo’s B’day Darshan Message.

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On Thought

We see that thought, which is a dynamism in the highest sense of the word, acts in its own realm as a formative power in order to build a body for itself. It acts like a magnet on iron filings. … Continue reading

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The Divine relay race – A Disciple.

We share with you a note sent by a disciple for its beautiful vision and creative and inspired expression of the Truth that the Mother sought to embody in matter, culminating in a Divinised body upon earth. “I see the … Continue reading

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In the folds of the Silence – Sri Aurobindo

There is a background for everything. Every movement moves upon something. And that something is a Silence which upholds everything. It is not only a general background but it is there supporting and containing every individual movement. Conceive mentally, at … Continue reading

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The first lesson on the Path – The Mother

The first thing one learns on the way is that the joy of giving is far greater than the joy of taking. Then gradually one learns that to forget oneself is the source of immutable peace. Later on, in this self-forgetfulness, … Continue reading

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The most real and most effective help.

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On Pranayama – Mother shares her experience with a disciple.

Do you object to my doing some pranayama [[Pranayama: breathing exercises. ]] before I begin working? I think it would do you good, mon petit. I began three days ago, but I keep getting entangled with the traditional formation around … Continue reading

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The one indispensable attitude and the first step – Mother

  Q: Sweet Mother, Each time I have encountered an obstacle in my life, each time I have been deprived of some happiness some apparent happiness a consolation has come immediately to dispel my psychological pain. For something tells me: … Continue reading

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Mother’s first meeting with Sri Aurobindo, March 29, 1914.

The 29th March is the anniversary of the Mother’s first meeting with  Sri Aurobindo.   In the year 1910 my husband came alone to Pondicherry where, under very interesting and peculiar circumstances, he made the acquaintance of Sri Aurobindo. Since … Continue reading

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