The Center

The purpose of individual existence is the joy of discovering the Divine and uniting with Him. When one has understood this, then one is ready to gain the strength to surmount all difficulties“. – The Mother

We welcome you to the Sri Aurobindo Center of  Los Angeles. The center was founded in 1953 by Dr. Judith M. Tyberg (Jyotipriya) , a direct disciple of Sri Aurobindo and a Sanskrit scholar, with an aim to share and unite the spiritual, cultural and philosophical wisdom of the East and West in the light of the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Spiritual growth leading to the discovery of the soul is the ideal that inspires the activities at the center which include weekly satsangs, collective meditation, Darshan Day programs and hosting of cultural events, and visitors from India, Europe and from within the United States. We offer a library, a meditation room, sale of books, a gift shop with incense, handicraft and other miscellaneous items for sale.

Regular Meetings:

Tai Chi – Free Classes – Every Saturday 3.30 pm -4.30 pm

Reading, Discussion and Meditation – Every Saturday 5pm -6.30 pm

Savitri – Every Thurs 7.00 pm -8.30 pm


Center  Activities:

The 140th birthday of the Mother was celebrated on Saturday 24th Feb with offerings of music, readings and prasad from devotees. Anya, Nika, Janani, Ara and others made the center beautiful and ready to receive Her children. Her love drew devotees from as far as San Diego. Ashok Misra and Piyali carried our invocation to the Divine with their soulful songs and beautiful voice. The readings were absorbing and imbued with the love the devotees felt for Her. Hansa and Lakshman relived the time spent in Her presence captivating our soul with the eternal mystery of the Divine at play with the human, and drawing all irresistibly to Her sweetness and Love. Tyler, our new member, shared a profound passage from the Agenda on humility.  One saw in the altar a labor of love and felt that She was indeed there presiding over Her birthday celebrations.
Hansa aptly described the evening: “It was a joyful and reflective five hours spent together with The Mother with us in the room!”.  Truly!.


Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 21, 4.30 pm – Celebration of Mother’s final return to Pondicherry.

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Contact tel : 310-390-9083

Address: 12329 Marshall St, Culver City , CA 90230