You can volunteer by offering your services. We welcome your email briefly stating what you would like to share and offer. Since the center is run by aspirants who volunteer their service, your extended hand of help will be received with gratitude.

4 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Uma devi. says:

    I’m Uma from Pondicherry Ashram. Right now I live in Sanjose. Since 25 years I have been lived in Ashram, with trustee permission I came to USA to offer my service to the mother and Master from USA. I would be very glad, if I get any opportunity to offer my service to any well established centers to spread the mother and Masters messages and light to people,who have interested and openness towards our Supreme mother.

  2. Atanu Chatterjee says:

    I am very happy with connecting this link.I celebrate The Mother’s B’day and Sri Aurobindo’s B’day
    twice in a year.The Center of mine is called MOTHER’S VISION..I bought a land of 10 kattha to
    make a children School in future.with the the blessings of The Mother.Your valuable comments
    is solicited. THANK you
    Atanu Chatterjee

  3. mitali samal says:

    my name is mitali samal i love sri aurobindo and sri maa

  4. Karuna says:

    My name is Karuna. I am Mexican. i lived in Auroville several months 7 years ago. Sri Aurobindo is a brilliant mystic. His translation of the Veda is heart explosive. Blessings.

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