New Year’s Message 2021

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Life’s search — Mother

Let your life be a constant search for the Truth and it will be worth living.

The Mother
(Words of the Mother, Vol. 15 Page:238)



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Mother on Sri Aurobindo’s Passing – Dec 5, 1950


Lord, this morning Thou hast given me the assurance that Thou wouldst stay with us until Thy work is achieved, not only as a consciousness which guides and illumines but also as a dynamic Presence in action. In unmistakable terms Thou hast promised that all of Thyself would remain here and not leave the earth atmosphere until earth is transformed. Grant that we may be worthy of this marvellous Presence and that henceforth everything in us be concentrated on the one will to be more and more perfectly consecrated to the fulfilment of Thy sublime Work.

7 December 1950

The lack of receptivity of the earth and men is mostly responsible for the decision Sri Aurobindo has taken regarding his body. But one thing is certain: what has happened on the physical plane affects in no way the truth of his teaching. All that he has said is perfectly true and remains so. Time and the course of events will prove it abundantly.

8 December 1950


To Thee who hast been the material envelope of our Master, to Thee our infinite gratitude. Before Thee who hast done so much for us, who hast worked, struggled, suffered, hoped, endured so much, before Thee who hast willed all, attempted all, prepared, achieved all for us, before Thee we bow down and implore that we may never forget, even for a moment, all we owe to Thee.

9 December 1950

To grieve is an insult to Sri Aurobindo who is here with us, conscious and alive.

14 December 1950


We must not be bewildered by appearances. Sri Aurobindo has not left us. Sri Aurobindo is here, as living and as present as ever and it is left to us to realise his work with all the sincerity, eagerness and concentration necessary.

15 December 1950


I was painfully shocked when I heard the translation of the leaflet you are distributing here in the Ashram. I never imagined you could have such a complete lack of understanding, respect and devotion for our Lord who has sacrificed Himself  totally for us. Sri Aurobindo was not crippled; a few hours before he left his body he rose from his bed and sat for a long time in his armchair, speaking freely to all those around him. Sri Aurobindo was not compelled to leave his body, he chose to do so for reasons so sublime that they are beyond the reach of human mentality.

And when one cannot understand, the only thing to do is to keep a respectful silence.

26 December 1950

We stand in the Presence of Him who has sacrificed his physical life in order to help more fully his work of transformation. He is always with us, aware of what we are doing, of all our thoughts, of all our feelings and all our actions.

18 January 1951

 Sri Aurobindo has given up his body in an act of supreme unselfishness, renouncing the realisation in his own body to hasten the hour of the collective realisation. Surely if the earth were more responsive, this would not have been necessary.

12 April 1953

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Nov 24 Darshan Message

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Message on Mother’s Mahasamadhi – Nov 17

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Open the sealed door within you – Mother

We can, simply by sincere aspiration, open a door sealed within us and find that something which will change the whole significance of life, which will answer all our questions, solve all our problems and take us towards that perfection to which we aspire without knowing it, to that Reality which alone can satisfy us and give us joy and poise and force and life that are durable.

All that you have heard many times.

You have heard, — yes, there are even some who have been so accustomed to it that it seems to them to be the same thing as drinking a glass of water or opening the window to let in the sun.

We have tried a little, but now we are going to try seriously.

The starting point is will, to will truly, to have need of it. The next step is to think of that above all. A day comes very soon when you cannot think of anything else.

That is the only thing that counts.

And then you formulate your aspiration, you throw up from your heart a true prayer, expressing the sincerity of the need and then… well, we shall see what is going to happen.

Something will happen, it is sure that there will come something. That will take a different form for different people.


Vol-07-Questions-and-Answers-November-1956-November 1962, Pg 33

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The small events and tiny little things of life — Mother

Don’t ever take lightly all the circumstances of each day, all the tiny little things of life, all the small events, you know; never take all this lightly. Never react with your lower being. Each time you are told to do something or not to do it – you are not told this very often, but each time you are told, before reacting think a little, try to find in yourself the part which reacts. Do not react just like that with what is most commonplace in you. Enter within yourself, try to find the best in yourself and with this you must react. It is very important, it is very important.

The Mother

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The Need of an external change — Mother


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Sanskrit Mantras translated into English – Jyotipriya

We are all very familiar with the power of sound. The vibrations are palpable and have an undeniable effect. The idea has its power in its own domain whereas the sound has power in the material world and gives the thought and idea a concrete reality in the world. Wishing someone a good day in speech is more potent than just having a wish in the heart and mind for someone to have a good day.

There are words whose sounds are greatly potent. They are the first vibrations from the very source of the thought, the vibrations of the force from which arose the thought. They are called Mantras. Uttered consciously with the correct pronunciation they can help realize in us our aims and aspirations in the material and the inner domains.

Click on the link below to read the English translation of some of these Mantras by Jyotipriya:


To listen to Mantras please click below:

Listen to Mantras

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The secret to Divine Love — Mother

It is not through human love that one can learn to love the Divine, for the love is of quite a different nature. First learn to give yourself sincerely to the Divine and then the joy of love will come afterwards. By giving yourself sincerely all your difficulties will disappear.

The Mother (CWM-14, p. 130)

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The first step towards self-mastery

The first necessity is to disengage from surface movements that jostle about in our head and heart and excite the passions and stimulate further agitation. To discover the priceless pearls one must dive deep within and be willing to lose, for some time at least, the surface bonds that keep us tied to the small and narrow outposts of life and its little pleasures and joys and griefs. His detachment or stepping back from the whorl of forces in which we are caught leads us to a double discovery. First we see what a chaos and mess, a disorderly order, is our life. Thoughts confused and unsure of their direction and goal like a public square in the mind-space. Feelings heave and surge in our heart releasing with the heart beats jets of joy and sorrow that rise and fall like waves upon a sea. Passions drive our moods with pricks of lust, ambition, jealousy, fear, excitement, aggression, despair, distress, pleasure, thrill and all the cheaper fuel of life that is readily available from the world’s subconscious stores. Yet it is a polluted fuel that throws up much smoke even as it drives the chariot of the body. No wonder the bodily machine tends to break down more often and much before its scheduled expiry date written in the pre-programmed genetic code.

This of course is only one side of the discovery. As we learn to step back and disengage from the surfaces of life, we also discover a deeper, quieter space within, a vast expanse where peace is effortlessly found and a felicity that is very different in nature than the surface thrills and pleasures or even the mind born happiness and the joy that a satisfied emotion gives. This inner peace and felicity develop and grow as we learn to live in this new-found inner space. Initially there is an alternation between the two, our being pulled outwards by strings of surface nature that still have a strong enough hold upon us. Gradually the frequency and intensity of the alternation decreases and we begin to live more and more in this quieter inner space. We discover a new self so to say of which we were not initially aware. It is our inner being which is our true personality of which we begin to become aware. What others still see however is our surface personality which is nothing but a bundle of habits and behaviours repeating mechanically impelled by our past momentum. But we slowly become aware that this is not what we are. We see these surface waves as if from outside without being caught up in them. Some waves of course can still arise like a mini tsunami temporarily sweeping us off our feet but their power is weakened and we are able to get back on our feet soon enough.

Alok Pandey

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Hardship and Grace — Mother

When, in your life, you meet with a hardship, take it as a Grace from the Lord and, indeed, it will become so.

The Mother
(Words of the Mother, Vol. 14 Page: 99)

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Sri Aurobindo’s 148th Birth Anniversary — Darshan Message

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Important to realize or experience the truth of what one speaks — Mother

One must guard against the tendency to repeat spiritual truths that are not part of one’s realization or experience. So spoken, these words are like flowers without fragrance and have little influence or value;  example is the best teacher.  The Mother responds to a question from a disciple in this regard.


Why is it necessary to have experience again and again ?
The Mother:
What I have meant is that one must not repeat dogmas and creeds without having realized them first. People have a very common habit of saying, for example, “ God is everywhere, everything is good since God exists in everything.. For then they lose all force and become but a dogma..
If you simply repeat what others have said and experienced, it can have no benefit for others. You must yourself go thru it.
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Centenary of the Mother’s return to Pondicherry 24 April 1920 – 2020

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