Pictures of the Center


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group-2 Entrance     Garden front-garden Garden-Path

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  1. She follows to the aim those, who passes higher, she – first in eternal чреде of coming dawns, – Уша broadens, exposing those, who living and waking up those, who is dead…
    What is her aim in, when does she drive to harmony dawn lighting up before, with that must light now?
    She hankers after ancient stars and carries out their light; giving up a refulgency forward, she enters into community with other, that must come.
    Кутса Ангираса – drying Barns Веда(I.113. 8,10).

  2. David says:


  3. Padma says:

    On namo bhagavate.Pranams to Sri aurobindo and Sri name is padma’s,love your a devotee of mother,I am very happy to find a centre in the USA.cant wait for a chance to visit the centre.

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