Sadhana at home – Sri Aurobindo

It is quite possible for you to do Sadhana at home and in the midst of your work – many do so. What is necessary in the beginning is to remember the Mother as much as possible, to concentrate on her in the heart for a time every day, if possible thinking of her as the Divine Mother, to aspire to feel her there within you, offer her your works and pray that from within she may guide and sustain you.

Sri Aurobindo
(SABCL Vol. 25 p. 161)

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1 Response to Sadhana at home – Sri Aurobindo

  1. Suranjan says:

    If one, at the beginning of the day thinks of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo in an all absorbing manner the quality of one’s whole day’s work and rest becomes uplifted. At night, as the Mother suggests, all work and their result of the day are to be surrendered the Divine. This is the ideal way.
    Easier said than done.

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