The most interesting game — Mother

Always, at each step and on each occasion, try to feel the Presence, constantly and untiringly. Forget the results of all the actions, and find the lesson they bring for you. Each action has something to teach. Try to find that instead of being overwhelmed by the cause and effect. For each event, know how to stand back a little, detached, and find the clue that it gives for the progress – the Truth behind each action. One should use to the maximum the occasion that arises, without being externally involved. The external has no value. But also to recognise that it is He who is within, – the Truth of your existence, – who is doing everything for you. And evidently it can only be for the best. Leave everything to Him alone, do nothing, and above all, do not worry. Abandon all to Him. Then you will see the difference, how each step, each event, each word, each sensation, each vibration, in fact, each action, each sentiment, becomes the source, the means to perceive what the Truth is. My child, this is a game which is much more interesting than all other.

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