The Golden Rule for realizing your true Self – Nolini Kanta Gupta

All these many bodies, many persons you see, it is only appearance, there is only one Soul and every one is that. If you realise this truth, you can love everyone equally, not merely love but be one with all, because you are all and all are you. That universal Self, your own true Self you have to find, you have to know, you have to become. That is the golden rule as the ideal.

How to attain, how to realise it? The Mother in this matter has given us a golden rule, a truly golden rule and very simple. Generally we are confused as to our duty – what to do, what not to do, how to do, how not to do. The Mother says to her children: “Do not do what you will hesitate to do or be ashamed of doing in my presence. Do not say anything which you will hesitate to say or be ashamed of saying in my presence. Do not think even what you will find awkward to think in my presence” Well, try this way and you will find what a golden rule and a simple rule it is. Sri Aurobindo confirmed and said the same thing. He says, – you all know the well-known phrase – “Always behave as if the Mother was looking at you; because she is, indeed, always present.” You need not imagine that she is there; for she is actually always there whether you imagine or not; you do not know, for you are blind but she is always there, seeing you, observing you, guiding you, protecting you. She not only sees what you do, but even what you feel inside you, even your. most secret thoughts. A child asked the Mother in his simplicity: “How do you know, Mother, what we do, what we think, what we feel, how do you know it?” The Mother smiled and answered, “My child, because you are within me, within my embrace always. Therefore I know. I know what is happening in me, isn’t it? That is why I see what is happening in you. You are not outside me, you are part of myself, I am you.”

Now if you follow this simple rule sincerely and persistently you will see the change miraculously happening in you, you will become the golden child of the golden Mother. You will find your thoughts, your words, your feelings, your impulses putting on a new colour, even your body will take a new glow of health and beauty. Normally our brain is made of mud, our thoughts are unclean – we have wrong thoughts, dark thoughts, our tongue also is made of mud or clay, we speak wrong things, impure things, our heart too is made of the same substance, giving out wrong feelings and unclean feelings; lower down in our nature in the vital region our impulses are also wrong and muddy and unclean, finally, the body is mud itself, it is made of diseases and weaknesses and incapacities. We are, as it were, a container containing this ugly and unclean mixture. What we have to do is to pour into it the golden liquid, molten gold that will wash away all that impurity and filth, clean the vessel and fill it with its own radiant substance, the molten gold which is the Mother’s presence.

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