The psychic attitude in discussions — Sri Aurobindo

The psychic self-control that is desirable in these surroundings and in the midst of discussion would mean among other things:

1. Not to allow the impulse of speech to assert itself too much or say anything without reflection, but to speak always with a conscious control and only what is necessary and helpful.

2. To avoid all debate, dispute or too animated discussion and simply say what has to be said and leave it there. There should also be no insistence that you are right and the others wrong, but what is said should only be thrown in as a contribution to the consideration of the truth of the matter. I notice that what you report X as having said in this discussion had its truth and what you said was also true, so that really there should have been no dispute.

3. To keep the tone of speech and the wording very quiet and calm and uninsistent.

4. Not to mind at all if others are heated and dispute, but remain quiet and undisturbed and yourself speak only what can help things to be smooth again.

5. If there is gossip about others and harsh criticism (especially about sadhaks), not to join — for these things are helpful in no way and only lower the consciousness from its higher level.

6. To avoid all that would hurt or wound others.

Sri Aurobindo, CWSA Volume 31, Page 87

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The one thing and the only thing needed — Sri Aurobindo

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The way to happiness and good health — Mother

(Commentary on the Dhammapada)

      One advice given here is to be always benevolent. You must not take it as an advice of the commonplace type. It says quite an interesting thing, very interesting even : I comment on it, “Be benevolent and you will be free from suffering, be always contented and happy, you will radiate your quiet happiness”.

      Be always kind, come out of all bitter criticism, see no more evil in everything, obstinately force yourself to see nothing but the kind Presence of the divine Grace and you will see not only within you but around you, an atmosphere of quiet joy, peaceful trust, luminous hope spreading more and more and not only you will feel happy and quiet yourself but the major part of your bodily disorders will disappear.

      It is quite remarkable that the digestive functions are extremely sensitive to a critical, unkind, sour attitude, a harsh judgment. Nothing more than that and the functioning of digestion is disturbed. And it is a vicious circle : the more the digestive function is disturbed, the more you become unkind, critical, disgusted with life and things and persons. So you do not come out of it. There is only one cure, namely, to deliberately come out of this attitude, to refuse absolutely to have it and to force on yourself, through constant control, a willed attitude of thorough kindliness. Try and you will see that you are much better in health.

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Giving oneself to the Divine

Sweet Mother, what is meant by “the Divine gives Himself”?

The Mother: It means exactly this: that the more you give yourself the more you have the experience – it is not just a feeling or impression or sensation, it is a total experience – that the more you give yourself to the Divine the more He is with you, totally, constantly, at every minute, in all your thoughts, all your needs, and that there’s no aspiration which does not receive an immediate answer; and you have the sense of a complete, constant intimacy, of a total nearness. It is as though you carried… as though the Divine were all the time with you; you walk and He walks with you, you sleep and He sleeps with you, you eat and He eats with you, you think and He thinks with you, you love and He is the love you have. But for this one must give himself entirely, totally, exclusively, reserve nothing, keep nothing for himself and not keep back anything, not disperse anything also: the least little thing in your being which is not given to the Divine is a waste; it is the wasting of your joy, something that lessens your happiness by that much, and all that you don’t give to the Divine is as though you were holding it in the way of the possibility of the Divine’s giving Himself to you. You don’t feel Him close to yourself, constantly with you, because you don’t belong to Him, because you belong to hundreds of other things and people; in your thought, your action, your feelings, impulses… there are millions of things which you do not give Him, and that is why you don’t feel Him always with you, because all these things are so many screens and walls between Him and you. But if you give Him everything, if you keep back nothing, He will be constantly and totally with you in all that you do, in all that you think, all that you feel, always, at each moment. But for this you must give yourself absolutely, keep back nothing; each little thing that you hold back is a stone you put down to build up a wall between t he Divine and yourself. And then later you complain: “Oh, I don’t feel Him!” What would be surprising is that you could feel Him.

20 July 1955

CWM Volume 7, Page 243

The Mother with some children on Kumari Puja day at the Meditation Hall on 20th October 1958.
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The Great Secret

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True aspiration is from the heart — Mother

True aspiration does not come from the head; even when it is formulated by a thought, it springs up like a flame from the heart.

CWM – Vol 4, Page 136

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Remembering Jyotipriya on her birthday.

The words of the Mother : “Our life ought to be governed by the love for Truth and the thirst for Light” kindle the heart when one remembers Jyotipriya, founder of East-West Cultural Center, Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles. Today, on her 119th birth anniversary, we are filled with deep gratitude for the Truth she lit in the heart of all seekers; the luminous example of her life given to the service of the Divine, and the flame she shaped as the Center continue to inspire all aspirants.

Sri Aurobindo, her spiritual Guru in whom she had taken refuge, gave her the name “Lover of Light” (Jyotipriya). An ardent seeker of the spirit, Jyoti was graced with the Realization of the Soul. The greatly inspiring and outstanding aspect of her quest was her selfless spirit; her pilgrim feet both led and carried along with her many an aspirant on the path. We are reminded of Sri Aurobindo’s beautiful aphorism:   “Beatitude is God’s aim for humanity; get this supreme good for thyself first that thou mayest distribute it entirely to thy fellow-beings”.

Those who would like to learn more about Jyotipriya, may follow this link for a short biography of her life:

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Trust in the Divine Grace — Sri Aurobindo

You have only to aspire, to keep yourself open to the Mother, to reject all that is contrary to her will and to let her work in you—doing also all your work for her and in the faith that it is through her force that you can do it. If you remain open in this way the knowledge and realisation will come to you in due course.

15 May 1932

To practise Yoga implies the will to overcome all attachments and turn to the Divine alone. The principal thing in the Yoga is to trust in the Divine Grace at every step, to direct the thought continually to the Divine and to offer oneself till the being opens and the Mother’s force can be felt working in the Adhara.

26 July 1932

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Darshan Message 24th April 2021 — Mother’ s final arrival in Pondicherry

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Get rid of the delusion that the Divine is far away — Mother

Q: There is something I have often wondered about: when one prays to the Lord, when one wants to make Him understand that something is wrong, I always have the impression that one must concentrate very hard and that after all one is calling to something far away. Is that right? Or is it really…

Mother: That depends on us!

Now I can feel Him everywhere, all the time, all the time… even a physical contact – it is subtle physical, but physical – in things, in the air, in people, in… like this. (Mother presses her hands to her face.) And then, it is not far to go, all I have to do is this (Mother turns her hands slightly inwards), one second of concentration – He is there! He is there, He is everywhere. He is far away only when we think He is far away.

Naturally, when we begin to think of all the zones, all the planes of universal consciousness and that it is at the very end, at the very end, right at the very end, then it becomes very far away, very, very far!  (Mother laughs.) But when we think that He is everywhere, that He is everything and that it is only our perception that prevents us from seeing Him and feeling Him and that we only have to do this (Mother turns her hands inwards); it is a movement like this and like that (Mother turns her hands alternately inwards and outwards), it becomes very concrete: you do this (outward movement), everything becomes artificial, hard, dry, false, untrue, artificial; you do this (inward movement), everything becomes wide, tranquil, luminous, peaceful, vast, joyful. And it is simply this, that (Mother turns her hands alternately inwards and outwards). How? Where? It cannot be described, it is only, only a movement of consciousness, nothing else. A movement of consciousness. And the difference between the true consciousness and the false consciousness becomes more and more precise, and at the same time, thin – you don’t have to do great things to come out of it. Before that, one has the impression that one is living inside something and that a great interiorisation, concentration, absorption, is needed to get out of it; but now the impression is of something one accepts (Mother screens her face with her hand), something like a thin little peel that is very hard – very hard but malleable, very, very dry, very thin, very thin, something like putting on a mask; and then one does this (gesture), and it disappears.

One can foresee the time when it will not be necessary to be aware of the mask; it will be so thin that one will be able to see, to feel, to act through it with no need to put the mask on again. That is what has just begun.

But this Presence in all things… It is a vibration, but it is a vibration that contains everything – a vibration which contains a kind of infinite power, infinite delight and infinite peace, of vastness, vastness, vastness; there are no limits… But it is only a vibration, it does not… Oh, Lord! it cannot be thought, so it cannot be said. If you think, as soon as you think, the whole muddle begins again. That is why one cannot speak.

No, He is very far away because you think He is very far away. Even, you know, if you think He is there, like this( gesture close to her face ) touching you… if you could feel – it is not like the touch of a person, it is not like that. It is not something alien, external, which comes in from outside. It is not that… It is everywhere.

Then you feel – everywhere, everywhere, everywhere: inside, outside, everywhere, everywhere –  Him, nothing but Him –  Him, His vibration.

No, you must stop that (the head), until you stop that, you cannot see the True Thing – you look for comparisons, you say, It is like this, it is like that. Oh!

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The three steps to the soul — Mother

“This is the first thing necessary – aspiration for the Divine.”

Questions and Answers 1929 (7 April)

The first movement of aspiration is this: you have a kind of vague sensation that behind the universe there is something which is worth knowing, which is probably (for you do not yet know it) the only thing worth living for, which can connect you with the Truth; something on which the universe depends but which does not depend upon the universe, something which still escapes your comprehension but which seems to you to be behind all things…I have said here much more than the majority of people feel about the thing, but this is the beginning of the first aspiration – to know that, not to live in this perpetual falsehood where things are so perverted and artificial, this would be something pleasant; to find something that is worth living for.

         “The next thing you have to do is to tend this aspiration, to keep it always alert and awake and living.”


 Instead of telling yourself once in a while, “Oh, yes! I am thinking of finding the Divine”, just when there is something unpleasant, when you are a little disgusted because you feel tired – indeed, there are very many flimsy reasons – all of a sudden you remember that there is such a thing as yoga, something like the Divine to know who can get you out of this flatness of life. 

“And for that what is required is concentration concentration – concentration upon the Divine with a view to an integral and absolute consecration to its Will and Purpose.”

Questions and Answers 1929 (7 April)

 This is the second step. That is to say, you begin wanting to find and know the Divine and live it. You must feel at the same time that the thing is so precious, so important that your entire life is not sufficient for acquiring it. Then, the first movement is a self-giving; you tell yourself, “I do not want any longer to belong to myself, for the sake of my little personal satisfaction, I wish to belong to this marvellous thing which one must find, must know, must live and for which I aspire.”

“Concentrate in the heart. Enter into it; go within and deep and far, as far as you can. Gather all the strings of your consciousness that are spread abroad, roll them up and take a plunge and sink down.”


Naturally, when I speak of the heart, I do not mean the physical organ, the viscera, but the psychological or psychic centre of the being.

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You are sure to arrive – Mother

I know by experience that there isn’t one being who, were it only once in his life, has had a great urge towards… it doesn’t matter how he calls it – let us say the Divine for facility of speech, who is not sure to arrive; even if he turns his back on Him at a certain time, it’s of no importance – he is sure to arrive. He will have to struggle more or less, will have more or less difficulty, but he is sure to succeed one day. It’s a soul that has been chosen, it has become conscious because its hour has come – once the hour has come, well, the result will follow more or less quickly. You can do this in a few months; you can do it in some years; you can do it in some lives – but you will do it.

And what is remarkable is that this freedom of choice is left to you and that, if you decide within yourself that you will do it in this lifetime, you will do it. And I am not speaking here of a permanent and continuous decision because then you can arrive in twelve months. No, I mean: if you have suddenly been seized by this, “I want this”, even once, in a flash, the seal is put, there, like that.

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Darshan Feb 21, 2021

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Surrender and Grace – Mother

When man becomes a little wiser, he will not complain about anything and will take the things the Divine sends him as a manifestation of His all-compassionate Grace. The more surrendered we are, the more we shall understand. The more grateful we are, the happier we shall be.
The Mother, CWM Volume 10, Page 342.

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Contributions of evil to the good of the world – Sri Aurobindo

The contributions of evil to the good of the world & the harm  sometimes done by the virtuous are distressing to the soul enamoured of good. Nevertheless be not distressed nor confounded, but study rather & calmly understand God’s ways with humanity.

Thoughts and Aphorisms

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