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Microbes, Illnesses and cure. The Mother reveals.

Microorganisms or microbes are often the cause of illness and disease.  Microbes include what we know as Bacteria, Fungi,  Virus and other life forms. Science has revealed to us that what we call “matter” is nothing but a movement of … Continue reading

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Change brought about in the world by the Supramental Descent – The Mother

May 6, 1972 (Agenda) I think I already told you, there’s a kind of golden Force pressing down (gesture); it has no material substantiality, and yet it feels terribly heavy…. Yes, yes. … It presses down on Matter, to force … Continue reading

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Interview with Sunanda Poddar – By Anie Nunnally

Sunanda Poddar has lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram since the age of sixteen, except for eight years when she worked in Africa for the Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency (SABDA). Her name, given by her parents and unchanged by … Continue reading

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An experience of Syed Mehdi Imam on 29th Feb 1956 Golden Day.

Syed Mehdi Imam has recalled his ineffable experience at the time and how he had also compared notes with the Mother herself. According to his testimony, he had been invaded and possessed in his room in Golconde on the golden … Continue reading

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