Remembering Jyotipriya

Dear Seekers,

Today is the 121st birth anniversary of Jyotipriya. It is a day that our aspiration can quicken and flame more intensely by remembering her life and offering our gratitude. In the intimate soul-relation with the Mother her life became a service to the Divine and luminous example of Mother’s maxim:  “Our life ought to be governed by the love for Truth and the thirst for Light”.  During her first private meeting with the Mother, she expressed her longing to give her life to Beauty and Truth. “You chose long ago to serve” was the Mother’s reply. At the touch of the Mother’s hand on her head, Jyotipriya said “electric forces” went through her entire being. She asked the Mother for a spiritual name. The next morning the Mother handed her a chit – written in Sri Aurobindo’s hand: it read “Jyotipriya, Lover of Light”.

An ardent seeker of the Divine, Jyoti was graced with the Realization of the Divine. One outstanding aspect of her seeking was her selfless personality; her pilgrim feet both led and carried along with her many an aspirant on the path, reminding us of Sri Aurobindo’s beautiful aphorism:  “He who acquires for himself alone acquires ill though he may call it heaven and virtue”.

May Jyoti’s spirit continue inspiring us in her footsteps to a greater self-giving to the Divine.

Those who would like to learn more about Jyotipriya, may follow this link for a short biography of her life:  

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4 Responses to Remembering Jyotipriya

  1. Joseph Baker says:

    I was fortunate as a young man in the late sixties and early seventies mostly because Jyoti introduced me to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and became my teacher. Attending her classes were the highlights of my life.

  2. Ranjan Sengupta says:

    I am deeply thankful to you for your mail with the biography of Jyotipriya – What a beautiful name and how well she lived her life to justify the love and faith bestowed upon her by her divine parents.
    Please bring out the book in printed format, it will benefit many.
    Thanks again.

  3. Suranjan says:

    Aspiration and surrender personified…a rarest of the souls…. America is so fortunate to have her. For those who are lucky to visit her center with the seeking it’s easier to reach the Mother and Sri Aurobindo through Jyotipriya.

  4. Mandakini Lucien-Brun says:

    She gave us so much – a path and an inspiration! (Also, a note to Joe Baker – hi and love from Mandakini 🙂

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