The path to the psychic flame — Mother

Mother: Do you know where the aspiration comes from?

Mona Sarkar: Yes, Mother, from the heart and from the psychic.

Mother: Yes, my child, rather from the psychic; the true aspiration, it is from there; but first, one starts from the heart. Are you in contact with your psychic?

Mona: No, Mother.

Mother No! It is strange. I thought you had learnt this at least. There is much to learn.
So, as long as you are not in contact, you can begin by aspiring from the mind, saying: Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, and ask precisely what you want, as, for example, Peace, or “Let Peace be established in me.” Then you concentrate in silence and you remain open. You will see that you will be flooded with Peace.

Then you concentrate in the heart, and you aspire to come in contact with the flame, the psychic flame, the purifying flame and go there, very deeply, and remain silent and open like this (Mother opens Her hands like a flower above Her head). Once there — but one must sincerely make a great effort to find it, — you come in contact with the central being; everything else becomes silent, and one has the feeling that “the Divine does everything for me”. One is seized by an immutable joy, peace and freedom. And then nothing in the world is interesting any more except the aspiration that links with the Divine.

Mona Sarkar

“Sweet Mother Luminous Notes”

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