Evolution is not an universal law — Sri Aurobindo

Evolution is not an universal law, it is a particular process, nor as a process has it any very wide applicability. Some would affirm that every particle of matter in the universe is bound to evolve life, mind, an individualised soul, a finally triumphant spirit. The idea is exhilarating, but impossible. There is no such rigid law, no such self-driven & unintelligent destiny in things. In the conceptions of the Upanishads Brahman in the world is not only Prajna, but Ishwara. He is not subject to law, but uses process. It is only the individual soul in a state of ignorance on which process seems to impose itself as law. Brahman on the other hand has an omnipotent power of selection and limitation. He is not bound to develop self-conscious individuality in every particle of matter, nor has He any object in such a colossal and monotonous application of one particular movement of things. He has nothing to gain by evolving, nothing to lose by not evolving. For to Him all being is only a play of His universal self-consciousness, the will so to exist the only reason of this existence and its own pleasurability its only object in existence. In that play He takes an equal delight in all, He is sama in ananda—an equal delight in the evolved state, the unevolved & the evolving. He is equal also in Being; when He has evolved Himself in the perfect man, He is no more than He already was in the leaf & clod. To suppose that all existence has one compelling purpose of growth, of progress, of consummation is to be guilty of the Western error and misunderstand the nature of being. Existence is already consummate, all change & variety in it is for delight, not for a gain or a development. The Vedantist cannot admit that anything is really developed in the sense of something new emerging into existence by whatever combination or accident which had no previous being. Nasato vidyate bhavah. That which was not cannot come into existence. The play of Brahman is not in its real nature an evolution, but a manifestation, it is not an adding of something that was wanting or a developing of something that was non-existent, but merely a manifesting of something that was hidden. We are already what we shall become. That which is still future in matter, is present in spirit.

Sri Aurobindo

CWSA – Vol 18, pg 414

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2 Responses to Evolution is not an universal law — Sri Aurobindo

  1. Vijat says:

    Excellent selection to understand. For many years this was a question in my mind about evolution.

    As the Mother has mentioned during a talk that there are many worlds and they have beings. Some are very intelligent than humans on earth. But they have static consciousness means they don’t have evolution process. Even for Gods She has mentioned the same. ( sorry I do not have a reference book to quote, but She was mentioning this after a UFO seeing in Pondicherry mostly in 1962.)

    But I still not understand is that because we are in ignorance, there is a process of evolution is set on us.

  2. Suranjan says:

    Sri Aurobindo cleared up whatever we misconstrued about evolution. He is the eternal Brahman within us, guiding us, but seldom we see Him through the wall of our impurities. He is the ANSWER.
    He gave us the ultimate mantra:
    Om Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi Satyamayi Parame..

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