Learning to listen within — Mother

Below is a response from the Mother to a letter from a disciple. Though meant for the disciple, it is universal in its appeal and can be taken as a powerful reminder to all seekers that the Divine Inhabitant is to be sought, discovered, and communicated with within.

My dear child,

All your letters are answered, but in the silence of your heart; you must learn to hear the answers there and not through the mouth of others. All help is given to you always, but you must learn to receive it in the silence of your heart and not through exterior means. It is in the silence of your heart that the Divine will speak to you and will guide you and will lead you to your goal.

But for that you must have full faith in the Divine Grace and Love.


18 January 1962

Words of the Mother Vol 13

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1 Response to Learning to listen within — Mother

  1. Suranjan says:

    Probably that’s why The Mother told us, “Live within, do not be shaken by external circumstances.”

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