Leave all to the LORD — Mother

Why should you get disturbed ? You must leave everything to the Lord, It is He who knows —not only knows but sees and looks after everything, arranges everything. It is His responsibility and not the responsibility of human beings. The more they get disturbed and upset by Falsehood, the more it will come under various forms and take a quick chance to enter their consciousness, hearts and brains and make them miserable. Here the body and true consciousness are not separated, so naturally the body too suffers from Falsehood.

You must try constantly to ignore the Falsehood by remembering the Lord’s Love only. Whatever thing may happen to you, do not get upset——just pray to the Lord.

Adverse forces are much amused when you listen to them and they take great joy in breaking up faith in the Divine. At that time do not think, do not write and do not speak anything —–just keep quiet.

You must endure and let the storm pass. Thus you will be cured of falsehood in this very birth.

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