Remembering Jyotipriya on her birthday.

The words of the Mother : “Our life ought to be governed by the love for Truth and the thirst for Light” kindle the heart when one remembers Jyotipriya, founder of East-West Cultural Center, Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles. Today, on her 119th birth anniversary, we are filled with deep gratitude for the Truth she lit in the heart of all seekers; the luminous example of her life given to the service of the Divine, and the flame she shaped as the Center continue to inspire all aspirants.

Sri Aurobindo, her spiritual Guru in whom she had taken refuge, gave her the name “Lover of Light” (Jyotipriya). An ardent seeker of the spirit, Jyoti was graced with the Realization of the Soul. The greatly inspiring and outstanding aspect of her quest was her selfless spirit; her pilgrim feet both led and carried along with her many an aspirant on the path. We are reminded of Sri Aurobindo’s beautiful aphorism:   “Beatitude is God’s aim for humanity; get this supreme good for thyself first that thou mayest distribute it entirely to thy fellow-beings”.

Those who would like to learn more about Jyotipriya, may follow this link for a short biography of her life:

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3 Responses to Remembering Jyotipriya on her birthday.

  1. Mandakini says:

    Thank you for this lovely and so very true summary of Jyotipriya’s inspiring example and influence on our lives

  2. Lawrence Huffyoga says:

    Delighted to get this. In th late 70s I was running a Spanish language meditation center near EWCC. I used to take classes with Jyoti. Wish I could still do it! Now I want to get a copy of Language of the Gods again.

  3. sriaurobindocenterla says:

    Thank you Lawrence.

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