Why are we on earth? — Mother

Why are we on earth?

To find the Divine who is in each of us and in all things.

Only one thing is important, it is to find the Divine.

For each one and for the whole world anything becomes useful if it helps to find the Divine.

Life is meant for seeking the Divine. Life is realised when finding the Divine.

Let this be our one need in life, to realise the Divine.

Yes, to live in the consciousness of the Divine Presence is the only thing that matters.  

2 June 1934

To want only what the Divine wants in us and for us, is the one important thing.  

5 April 1935

The only important thing is the goal to be attained. The way matters little, and often it is better not to know it in advance.

15 November 1954  

Whatever we do, we must always remember our aim.

7 December 1954

The aim of our life on earth is to become conscious of the Divine.

The true purpose of life―

To live for the Divine, or to live for the Truth, or at least to live for one’s soul.

And the true sincerity―

To live for the Divine without expecting any benefit from Him in return.

20 January 1964 

What is my true destiny?

The true destiny is to reach the Divine Consciousness.  

What is my true worth in this life?

To serve the Divine.

22 October 1964

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    When in despair we cry to the Divine always he answers to our call.
    The Mother

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