Thought and Speech — Mother

When a thought is expressed in speech, the vibration of the sound has a considerable power to bring the most material substance into contact with the thought, thus giving it a concrete and effective reality.

Sound always has a power; it has much more power than men think. It may be a good power and it may be a bad power. It creates vibrations which have an undeniable effect. It is not so much the idea as the sound; the idea too has its own power, but in its own domain – whereas the sound has a power in the material world.

I think I have explained this to you once; I told you, for example, that words spoken casually, usually without any reflection and without attaching any importance to them, can be used to do something very good. I think I spoke to you about “Bonjour”, “Good Day”, didn’t I? When people meet and say “Bonjour”, they do so mechanically and without thinking. But if you put a will into it, an aspiration to indeed wish someone a good day, well, there is a way of saying “Good Day” which is very effective, much more effective than if simply meeting someone you thought: “Ah! I hope he has a good day”, without saying anything. If with this hope in your thought you say to him in a certain way, “Good Day”, you make it more concrete and more effective.

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1 Response to Thought and Speech — Mother

  1. I sense similar affect in all of our vibratory natures. Because all is energy and interconnected the cosmic physics are such that we impact each other with thought and as a result negative thought adds waves of motion to the darkness of consciousness. Therefore it is a spiritual response-ability to be impeccable in our thoughts, words and deeds. Words matter. Intention combined with thought and speech is potent. Just as cultural ways impact each one of us misguided propaganda drives a controlling and often non-benevolent message that inevitably inhabits a weak, ignorant or un-awakened mind. Pause and self reflection of intent can enhance a much greater world of benevolent vision.
    We are sound and light and the movement of which these travel upon is a collective web/grid of interconnectedness. There is no separation in this divine understanding of source un-in-terre-rupted. Namaste

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