The Divine relay race – A Disciple.

We share with you a note sent by a disciple for its beautiful vision and creative and inspired expression of the Truth that the Mother sought to embody in matter, culminating in a Divinised body upon earth.

“I see the development of the physical that our Gurus see as the essential first step, and as The Mother has exemplified through Her work on Her own body, set the stage and started, what I call, a relay race towards the goal of a body ready to house the Supramental Consciousness.  This relay will involve many bodies across many lives.
Each one of us with our focus and effort, will take the baton forward.
Individual salvation has accomplished by many from the beginning of mankind, but this creation of the next species is a monumental undertaking. But our Gurus have compressed the time frame by centuries by bringing down the Supramental Consciousness.”

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