The one indispensable attitude and the first step – Mother


Q: Sweet Mother,

Each time I have encountered an obstacle in my life, each time I have been deprived of some happiness some apparent happiness a consolation has come immediately to dispel my psychological pain. For something tells me: “All that happens is done for your own good and is done by the Divine Grace.”

Is it good, is it healthy to think like this?


A:  Not only is it right, good and healthy to think like this, but it is an absolutely indispensable attitude if one wants to advance on the spiritual path. As a matter of fact, it is the first step without which one cannot advance at all. That is why I always say: “Whatever you do, do the best you can, and leave the result to the Lord; then your heart will be at peace.

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2 Responses to The one indispensable attitude and the first step – Mother

  1. Thank you for this encouraging and useful insight. It makes me feel love in my heart.

  2. Saaworks says:

    It is quite incredible that such powerful Truths are stated with such elegance and simplicity. I can see them as having the power to change one’s whole orientation towards life.

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