Desires, Impulses and Self-Control – Mother

Beware of what pulls you downward. Do not yield to any lower instinct. Keep intact your aspiration for the Divine.

Yielding to desires is not the way of getting rid of them. There is no end to desires ― each one which is satisfied is at once replaced by another one and they go on clamouring more and more.

It is only by conquering the desires that you can get rid of them, by coming out of this consciousness of the lower nature and rising to a higher consciousness.

 29 April 1930

Refuse to do anything whatsoever which leads you away from the Divine.

 18 October 1934

If you want to become conscious of my presence in you and to be delivered from hostile attacks, you must renounce any attempt to satisfy your desires. Only when the vital has lost all hope of seeing its desires satisfied does it consent to be spiritualised.

My help and blessings are with you.

3 September 1935

A desire which knows that it will never be satisfied at once vanishes.

All the lower movements have to be conquered if ever anything  divine is to be established upon earth.

18 March 1936

There is no greater victory than that of controlling oneself.

 3 May 1954

It is indispensable to perceive the lower movements of your being, in a detached and scientific manner, as a witness with clear vision and insight. But you must never allow these movements to express and assert themselves as if they had the right to exist and govern the rest of the being. In other words, you must never act under the impulse of these movements, never physically translate their suggestions into speech or action, never permit their orders to be carried out in any inner or outer gesture.

 19 September 1956

Keep quiet, try to detach yourself and observe as a witness, to prevent all possibility of acting on impulse.

Do not act under an impulse.

Never forget that, as much outside as in the Ashram, if you want to lead a happy life, you must be the master of your lower nature and control your desires and vital impulses; otherwise there is no end to the miseries and the troubles.

 20 September 1960

At every moment of life you are put in the presence of a choice between the Grace and your personal satisfaction.

 13 September 1961

One cannot overcome one’s desires by making oneself weak but only in strength, balance and peace.

 7 June 1964

If one is not master of one’s desires, one cannot be master of one’s thoughts.

 22 August 1964

Sometimes you say “all right” even to our desires and ambitions.

The Grace works for progress on the path. The satisfaction of desire may also serve that purpose in showing the inanity of desire.

And the good of yesterday may no more be good tomorrow.

So follow your inspiration and my blessings are with you.

 30 May 1968

You have my love and grace and blessings.

But if you are to feel them you must be disciplined, attentive and concentrated; above all you must not listen to any of your desires and fancies.

In life, one must choose between a disordered and useless life of desires and that of an ascent into the light of aspiration and mastery of one’s lower nature.

 16 June 1971

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