Why has the Divine made His path so difficult?

Sweet Mother,

    Why has the Divine made His path so difficult? He can make it easier if He wants, can’t He?

First of all, one should know that the intellect, the mind, can understand nothing of the Divine, neither what He does nor how He does it and still less why He does it. To know something of the Divine, one has to rise above thought and enter into the psychic consciousness, the consciousness of the soul, or into the spiritual consciousness.

    Those who have had the experience have always said that the difficulties and sufferings of the path are not real, but a creation of human ignorance, and that as soon as one gets out of this ignorance one also gets out of the difficulties, to say nothing of the inalienable state of bliss in which one dwells as soon as one is in conscious contact with the Divine.

    So according to them, the question has no real basis and cannot be posed. 

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One Response to Why has the Divine made His path so difficult?

  1. Stefan Haenisch says:

    All the difficulties and obstacles in your life have only one meaning. To ‘call down the Divine Power’ still more strongly for the transformation of this world. All these (seemingly) ‘oppositions’ merely make you stronger when you really have entered the ‘Divine Path’.
    The more ‘open’ You are, the steadier Your Will is the more the ‘Divine Shakti’ will come into You to do her Work.
    Be ‘an open Instrument’… go ahead, never hesitate and the ‘Divine Force’ always will be with You!
    If you have the Power… you ARE the Power!

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