Realising the Divine. A question of will – The Mother

There is no one for whom it is impossible to realise the divine. Only, for some it will take many, many lives, whereas there are others who will do it in this very lifetime. It is a question of will. It is for you to choose.

But I must say that at the present moment conditions are particularly favourable.


22 July 1969

Sweet Mother,

    What does it mean, really, “to realise the divine”?

It means to become conscious of the Divine Presence in oneself or on the spiritual heights, and, once one is conscious of His Presence, to surrender to Him completely so that one no longer has any other will than His, and finally to unite one’s consciousness with His. That is “to realise the divine”.


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3 Responses to Realising the Divine. A question of will – The Mother

  1. kannan says:

    yes we must realise the presence of the divine when it makes us feel that we have the feeling we must accept it.

  2. kannan says:

    i have started feeling that i have the feeling of divine presence in my consciousness.

  3. Stefan Haenisch says:

    The choice is Yours….
    undoubtedly, a question of ‘Will’ (the ‘One’ who calls) and ‘Grace’ (the ‘One’ who answers).
    No Realization can happen without the Grace of the Supreme.

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