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Interview with Sunanda Poddar – By Anie Nunnally

Sunanda Poddar has lived in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram since the age of sixteen, except for eight years when she worked in Africa for the Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency (SABDA). Her name, given by her parents and unchanged by … Continue reading

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Service to the Divine

January 1966      Whatever you do in life must be done as a service to the Divine and nobody else. Whatever you are, think or feel, you are responsible for it to the Divine and to nobody else. He … Continue reading

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On Bhakti – Sri Aurobindo

IT is a misunderstanding to suppose that I am against Bhakti or against emotional Bhakti—which comes to the same thing, since without emotion there can be no Bhakti. It is rather the fact that in my writings on Yoga I … Continue reading

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