Path to the Divine – Mother answers a disciple

Sweet Mother,

    You blessed me that I may be born to the true life, but what are the conditions needed to be born to that life and how can they be fulfilled?

The first condition is to decide not to live for oneself any more, but to live exclusively for the Divine.

Naturally, this decision should be renewed every day and manifested in a constant and effective will.

Sweet Mother,

“Not to live for oneself” is understandable and one can try to put it into practice; but what does “to live exclusively for the Divine” mean exactly? For me it is only an idea mechanically repeated by the mind; but, Mother, what can one do to realise it?

To live for the Divine means to offer all that one does to the Divine without desiring a personal result from what one does. Certainly at the beginning, when the Divine is only a word or at most an idea and not an experience, the whole thing remains purely mental. But if one makes a sincere and repeated effort, one day the experience comes and one feels that the offering made is made to something real, tangible, concrete and beneficent.

The more sincere and assiduous one is, the sooner the experience comes and the longer it remains.

For each person the way differs in its details, but sincerity and perseverance are equally indispensable for all. 

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