Margaret Woodrow Wilson- letters from the Ashram

Extracts of Margaret Woodrow Wilson’s letters to her friend Lois  ( Margaret was daughter of the 28th President of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921)  – written from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

‘But Mother leaves us free to follow our own promptings. She told me in the first interview that there were no pledges of any kind here as they are “not true”. “Here it is only the Divine”, she said.
That pregnant saying I am only gradually learning to recognise, the significance of this place. I am beginning to see that all the bondage here as elsewhere and everywhere are our own making – that the Divine imposes no bondage of any kind whatsoever.’‘Sometimes I feel as if the Divine were whispering to my soul and I, in order to catch the faintest word, am listening as I have never listened before. Sometimes it is as if the Beloved and I were telling each other secrets that none can share except in a wordless communion with “us”.’‘But I will note, simply as one notes a ‘happening’, that the closer I feel to Mother and Sri Aurobindo, the closer I feel too as an immediate result sometimes, to those other dear ones.’‘.. I was transported into an inner plane of being which I recognise as the same one I was in inwardly at certain moments when my singing was more than ordinarily subjective.’

‘But when I look at the Mother in the morning sunlight on her terrace from which she sends each of us a shaft of love more brilliant than any light that was ever seen on snowy crests, or when in the evening I see her standing in the meditation hall, still in the immutable calm, the Unchanging One, I know that the vast stillness of Mont Blanc is but a faint imitation of that other Peace that She is.’

‘Oh Lois, one cannot talk about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – one can only suggest in some such words as these that they are what we are seeking, that which we will be in the outer man as now we are in the inner Reality. They are consciously that.’

‘.. One day in a California garden, when the intensity of my enjoyment provoked the rather humorous thought – “I wonder if God enjoys this in exactly this way – if he doesn’t, I’m sorry for him” – then came the idea as a kind of realisation, “it is He that is enjoying this way – perhaps that is the reason for me.’

‘..I think I can say that some kind of ‘experience’ has began for me, for I strike a quiet nearly every day now in meditation in which the consciousness is purer, more whole than in the ordinary state. One of the disciples says that I am beginning to touch the Purusha. The consciousness that I touch, just barely touch (it seems), is situated in the heart centre and Lois, it is so sweet and so clear that now-a-days I feel that those moments are my only conscious moments of the day. That the rest of the time, which is of course most of the time, I am in a sort of unconscious state! If I can have this feeling when I have barely touched something, still thru a veil, what must the unveiled Purusha consciousness be! There is such a thing as getting near the central psychic being and feeling its influence. And the luminousness of mind that comes afterwards makes me feel as if I have never lived or understood anything at all before! I feel like a discoverer every day. The other day in amusement at myself for my excitement over my “petites decouvertes” I said to myself “Why, little Christopher Columbus is discovering India at last!” It is true that America must discover India’s secrets before she can discover herself.

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