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Working for the Divine

“If anybody in the Ashram tries to establish a supremacy or dominating influence over others, he is in the wrong. For it is bound to be a wrong vital influence and come in the way of the Mother’s work. “All … Continue reading

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The Great Secret. The Mother

If you keep your faith unshaken and your heart always open to me, then all difficulties, however great, will contribute to the greater perfection of your being. The Mother (Words of the Mother, Vol. 14 Page: 244)

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Having Needs

There is a sovereign royalty in taking no thought for oneself. To have needs is to assert a weakness; to claim something proves that we lack what we claim. To desire is to be impotent; it is to recognize our … Continue reading

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Criticising Others

It is also better to be more strict about not talking of others and criticising them with the ordinary mind. It is necessary in order to develop a deeper consciousness and outlook on things that understands in silence the movements … Continue reading

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Keep your Faith

Do not allow any outward cir­cumstance to shake the faith in you; for nothing gives greater strength than this faith to go through and arrive at the goal. Knowledge and tapasya, whatever their force, have a less sustaining power — … Continue reading

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The Power of the Word – Words of the Mother

Here is OM in speech from the Mother: I would say this: if you want your speech to express the truth and thus acquire the power of the Word, never think out beforehand what you want to say, do not … Continue reading

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Mind to Supermind. Clarification from the Mother.

“One could say that it is far more difficult to go from the mental to the supramental life than to go from a certain psychic emotion in life — something that is like a reflection, a luminous emanation of the … Continue reading

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Judging Others

Before deciding that something is wrong in others or in circumstances, you must be quite sure of the correctness of your judgment − and what judgment is correct so long as one lives in the ordinary consciousness that is based … Continue reading

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