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The Discovery of the Absolute Brahman

THE idea of transcendental Unity, Oneness, and Stability behind all the flux and variety of phenomenal life is the basal idea of the Upanishads: this is the pivot of all Indian metaphysics, the sum and goal of our spiritual experience. … Continue reading

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Change of Nature

All faults and errors are redeemed by repentance. Confidence in the Mother, self-giving to the Mother, these if you increase them will bring the change in the nature. Sri Aurobindo (SABCL Vol. 25 p. 326)

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A Conversation with Sriman Aravinda Ghosh: The India Interview (1909)

Article from India (Tamil weekly) 18 September 1909 Interview A few days ago one of our correspondents went to Calcutta and spoke to Mahajnani Sriman Aravinda Ghose on several topics. We give here excerpts from the conversation. Our correspondent had … Continue reading

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