How to understand the Divine and find the Divine: The Mother

One of the greatest enigmas is the fact that the Divine is seated within us and yet concealed behind a thick veil. So how do we discover the Divine?. Here are some answers from the Mother to questions from disciples.

Q. How can one understand the Divine?

By being Him, my child. And that is the only way: by identity. As Sri Aurobindo says, “We know the Divine and become the Divine, because we are That already in our secret nature.” It is because He is the very essence of our being that we can become Him and, consequently, understand Him; otherwise it would be quite impossible.

Q. How can we find the Divine within ourselves?

Well, it is precisely what I have just said.

What do you mean exactly?By what method?

First of all, you must begin to seek Him, and then that must be the most important thing in life. The will must be constant, the aspiration constant, the preoccupation constant, and it must be the only thing you truly want. Then you will find Him.

But of course, if in one’s life one thinks of Him for five minutes and is busy with other things for three-quarters of an hour, there is not much chance of success. Anyway, it will take many lifetimes.

It must not be a pastime. It must be the exclusive preoccupation of one’s being, the very reason of one’s existence.

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