The Central Secret of Sadhana

The secret of spiritual pursuit is to offer all of oneself to the Divine. It is through a sustained consecration that we grow into the image of the Divine. For those drawn to the Integral Yoga it is to the Mother that Sri Aurobindo enjoins us to give ourself. Nirodbaran, in the talk of December 10, 1938 between Sri Aurobindo and his attendants after the accident seventeen days earlier, said to him: “The Mother’s coming must have greatly helped you in your work and in your sadhana.” Sri Aurobindo answered enthusiastically: “Of course, of course. All my realisations — Nirvana and others — would have remained theoretical, as it were, so far as the outer world was concerned. It is the Mother who showed the way to a practical form. Without her no organised manifestation would have been possible. She has been doing this kind of work from her very childhood.” No wonder that at the end of a letter to Basu Sri Aurobindo added: “One of the two great steps in this yoga is to take refuge in the Mother” — the other great step being, as Sri Aurobindo afterwards clarified to Nirodbaran: “Aspiration of the sadhak for the divine life.”

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